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What It's Like To Work With Office Supurrrvisers

Cole and Marmalade

There’s no doubt about it, cats make great pets. They’re beautiful to look at, loving and playful. For a cat lover, there can be no better pleasure in life than spending an evening with your feline friend curled on your lap, listening to that content, rhythmical purr. The benefits of having a cat are numerous: cat ownership helps people recover more quickly from emotional trauma, such as bereavement, besides cat owners generally have a more robust immune system, helping them to stave off illnesses and take fewer days off work as a result. And that’s not to mention the fact that cats are great co-workers! No one else can help you deal with your work as you fluffy friend. Check out the best office supurrrvisers who don't miss the chance to help their owners!

Cole and Marmalade

posted by dewadewa72