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Adorable Kitten Enjoys His Belly Massage

The Pet Collective

If your kitty is one of the few who loves it when you tickle her belly, take is as a compliment. She wants attention and trusts enough to touch her belly. In some cases though, asking for a belly rub could be a sign that her skin is irritating her. Your cuddly critter’s belly is the most vulnerable spot on her body -- the site of all of her vital organs. When she rolls over and exposes her underside, she’s sort of inviting you over to see what you’ll do, explains Dr. Cindy Houlihan, a veterinarian based out of Michigan. Be grateful if she actually gives you the honors of scratching her belly. It means she feels perfectly relaxed and comfortable and trusts you completely. And, of course your purring companion may have no better reason for liking belly rubs than the simple fact that it feels good. So find some minutes to have a look at this wonderful kitten who can't stop enjoying his belly massage!

posted by sculpturegil1r